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When I stumbled upon the cover art of King Diamond’s 1988 album ‘Them’ I immediately though it would be right at home on Metal Call-Out’s Metal Can Look Good Too segment. As usual I gave the record a full spin and did a little more research, only to uncover that the album’s haunting concept worked so well with the cover, I had to forgo the art I had planned for this week and share this one instead. For the sake of full disclosure, I really cannot stand King Diamond’s voice in most instances and pioneer of horror themed metal or not, if he didn’t have such kick ass album covers, his band would probably not have made its way on the website as much as it has.

The concept of the album goes: King Diamond is a young child and his mentally ill grandmother is home visiting from a metal asylum. Upon her arrival, all sorts of madness ensues at their home, known as the House of Amon, including haunting voices, floating tea kettles and even the murder of a child (his sister) in a grisly hatchet-on-neck scene. All this led to King’s eventual incarceration to a mental asylum. Years later he returns to the same house and finds the old demons still lurking there. Eerie stuff indeed.

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