Metal Can Look Good Too || Dark Moor- The Hall Of Olden Dreams


What is it about power metal, is this the fountain from which amazing album art flows liberally?

I’m not sure who created the cover art for Dark Moor’s 2000 record The Hall of Olden Dreams.  It looks familiar though, so I bet I will pin it down by the end of the day, well after I post this for all to see.  Regardless of who it was, they did a splendid job of capturing the music inside on visual medium. 

Dark Moor is a Spanish power metal outfit that has been pumping out their criminally underrated brand of power metal since 1994.  Still active, Dark Moor released an album just last year to minimal fanfare and praise.  I am just as guilty as every other metal blogger on this one because I always seem to overlook Dark Moor despite enjoying the hell out of their stuff when I actually get around to spinning it.  If you are interested, Dark Moor has a huge catalogue of material readily available on the internet and plays concerts all through Europe. You can visit their myspace

After the jump you can check out the track Maid of Orleans from The Hall Of Olden Dreams, the lyrics of which are obviously inspired by the tale of Joan of Arc. 

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