Let’s Talk About The New Evile Record…


…I’ve been (unintentionally) neglecting.

The last few weeks I’ve been letting the emails pile up while I’ve been focused on other things and, as a result, have completely neglected the new Evile record, Five Serpent’s Teeth.  

Hailing from the UK, Evile, pronounced “eeh-vile”, are a first-rate thrash outfit with two, now three, full-lengths under their belt that manage to emulate their heroes of the 80’s thrash movement, namely Metallica on this album, quit proficiently and without once sounding even a little tired.  

I’m only on my first listen through Five Serpent’s Teeth but I’ve already decided that this is the best I’ve heard the band and the most memorable of their releases by far. Within, Metallica, Megadeth, and even Slayer’s influence rings clear through really descent riffs, excellent drumming, and awesome, awesome (it’s worth typing twice, trust me) solos. Vocalist/guitarist Matt Drake vocals throughout channel the great James Hettfield that once was, but thanks to modern production and a willingness to branch out, sound unique enough to stand alone, same enough to be comfortable, familiar, and just what an old dog like myself wants to hear.

Much as I am enjoying this album, I’d like to see Evile really pull away from the pack on their subsequent releases. There’s been an awful lot of thrash revival/re-thrash hitting record store shelves this year, too many of which burn out before their influences, and while I think Evile, this album included, will ultimately stand the test of time, they may need to shed some of their reliance on the aforementioned influences to really progress. There are lots of good ideas here, lots of really solid song-writing so I’m excited to watch as this young band grows and really comes into their own.

Long live the new flesh!  

Above: 1:30 preview of each song on the album.

Five Serpent's Teeth is slated for release in North America on October 18 through Earache Records.

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