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Alpha Tiger is in serious need of some exposure. If is any indication, 240 listeners by last count, of a band’s presence in the collective conciseness of the metal community, then we need to get busy letting people know about this stellar German power metal act.

First brought together as a thrash outfit called Satin Black, the members of Alpha Tiger must have had a change of heart sometime around the beginning of this year when they changed their name then released an astounding old school power metal album, titled Man or Machine, in April. For nine tracks on Man or Machine Alpha Tiger will pummel the holy shit out of your eardrums with music that is all together tightly played, produced with modern sensibility, and peppered with a myriad of influences from NWOBHM, speed, and traditional metals. Fan’s of Fates Warning may be interested in this release purely for the vocals of Stephen Detrich which, besides being down right catchy as shit, will undoubtedly remind them of the great John Arch.

To sum up, this is great, tell a friend.

Here’s a song I know you’ll love called Against The Time:

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