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A few weeks ago I received an album in the mail, postmarked from Canada, bearing The Peregrine Way from a little band that calls themselves; Viathyn.  Though they were only formed in 2006 this, Viathyn’s first full-length album, comes out the gate sounding like the work of seasoned professionals.  It’s been a long time since I’ve heard anything quite so eclectic as this band’s epic melding of the power, folk, speed, and progressive metals. They’re more alchemists than musicians, forging a new mold out of which many may be poured but few will actually fit.

Sadly, a perfect freshman record this is not. Mainly, in the production, which doesn't nearly do this band the justice they’re due. As forward thinking metal goes, they’ll require a little more effort and attention in that department in the future, and I world be remiss not to at least give it a passing mention.

The Peregrine Way has dug it’s way out of the catacombs of demos and albums we receive here at the Metal Call-Out Space Station & Observatory, to a place amongst the upper echelon of metal releases; my personal collection. Give it time and I’m certain you’ll find Viathyn as widely respected and hailed as some of the industry’s greats for they are surly a shining star on the horizon of power metal. 

Check out Viathyn's Wiki Page.

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