Wed, 03/30/2011 - 2:53pm
Cody Sparks
Demonical is a Death Metal band from Avesta, Sweden, formed in 2006.
Wed, 04/22/2015 - 6:34pm
Cody Sparks
A couple of weeks ago Demonical released a new single from their upcoming EP album.  Today you can catch the whole EP 'Black Flesh...
Fri, 04/10/2015 - 5:32pm
Cody Sparks
It feels like ages since we have heard something from Demonical. Today is the day we get to hear a new song from the band.  The song below...
Thu, 01/30/2014 - 4:14pm
Cody Sparks
Demonical released their forth studio album last year in Novecalled 'Darkness Unbound'.  Fast foward to the New Year and they have...
Wed, 11/13/2013 - 5:07pm
Josh Johns
If I see news of a death metal band from Sweden I pay attention. Chances are I can get behind it. To no one’s surprise then I enjoy the...
Mon, 09/16/2013 - 9:23am
Cody Sparks
With Demonical's new album coming out just around the corver on September 20th, 2013 by Cyclone Empire.  You can get a sneak peek at...
Fri, 09/06/2013 - 11:24am
Cody Sparks
Demonical has officially posted a new song "The Order" from their upcoming album 'Darkness Unbound'. This brand new album...
Fri, 04/12/2013 - 3:51pm
Cody Sparks
The guitarist Johan Jansson and drummer Fredrik Widigs have recently split from the band Demonical.  Demonical is currently search around...
Mon, 06/14/2010 - 5:14pm
Josh Johns
Even though Demonical is still in its infancy (two full-lengths and a handful of other recordings), they have good things in store. Much like...
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