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I could take or leave Dååth. I could also take or leave having to go into my text editor tool to make those special characters in their name. I mean, just who do they think they are having two of them in their name? And why is it that I can name more US bands that use umlauts than European ones? Off topic, sorry. 

However you may feel about the music Dååth makes, there is really no denying the cover to their 2009 record Concealers is something special. I wish I had a bigger scan to show you all so you can see just how intricate this thing is. The band can thank Mr. Jorden Haley for that. Looking through some of this mans art it is clear his specialty is attention to detail. I mean just look at that thing, there are so many elements you could probably look at it for an hour straight and still not see each and every detail. 

The fun doesn't end with just the cover of the album either. All throughout the album’s sleeve, on the band’s merchandise and even in their Day Of Endless Light video you can see touches of Haley’s work. Most recently, Jorden Haley lent his extremely talented hands to designing the cover of An Avalanche Of Worms, a collaboration between Dååth guitarist Eyal Levi and Emil Werstler (of Cynic fame). 

You can take a look at a larger version of this cover an many more at Jorden Haley’s official blog:

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