As The Day Breaks... || New Tracks from 1349 & Nachtmystium


I'm a morning tea drinker, and today I wasn't a very happy one.  I ran out of my good tea and now I'm stuck drinking this boxed "English Breakfast” crap... consider me bothered. The weather is gloomy and as of now you can hear 1349’s entire new album ‘Demonoir’ streaming on Sterogum, so the day has its redeeming factors.  I spent the better part of this morning listening to selected songs from the album (skipped the intro/outro/tunnel junk) and it would seem that 1349 has returned more to the raw sounds you hear in their 2005 album ‘Hellfire’, leaving the ambiance of 2009’s ‘Revelations of the Black Fame’ behind them.  You can take this as a good or bad thing.

The departure from the more classic 1349 sound with ‘Revelations...’ caused quite a frenzy amongst fans from their previous work, but also showcased the band's musical prowess and fearlessness of experimentation.  ‘Hellfire’ was pure and technical, some felt it was the culmination of 1349's years and years development of their sound.  Regardless of your thoughts of either of their previous works, ‘Demonoir’ is a worthy listen for any extreme metal fan.

On another less exciting note, Sterogum also has a new track called ‘No Funeral’ streaming and available for download from Nachtmystium’s upcoming album ‘Addicts: Black Meddle Pt. II’.  As I write this I have only sampled the track once (not a big Nachtmystium fan) so I'll spare you my observations and instead just ask for yours in the comments section.

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